Acidity Treatment

Acidity is a medical condition where the gastric glands of the stomach produce excess of gastric or hydrochloric acid. This acid is needed by the stomach to break down and digest food. The excess production of gastric acid in the stomach is caused by many external factors such as eating acidic food, irregular eating habits, smoking, consumption of alcohol, not drinking enough water, lack of physical exercise and stress.

Eating non-vegetarian, spicy and oily foods regularly may over a period of time lead to acidity. The stomach can withstand even the high acidic environment, but when the acid moves up the esophagus or the food pipe that is when the symptoms of acidity surface.

Symptoms include sour taste in the mouth, sour belching, heaviness and burning sensation in the stomach and throat after eating a meal, burning sensation in the chest, indigestion and constipation. Usually it is treated by the aid of antacids containing magnesium, calcium or aluminum in their make which offer temporary relief and have some side effects when consumed over a period of time. Homeopathic treatment promises to give a permanent cure for acidity by helping in strengthening the sphincter at the junction of the oesophagus and stomach. This prevents the reflux of acid stomach contents into the oesophagus and throat, thus aiding in establishing a cure of acidity.